New research shows a potential quantum speedup for the Metropolis-Hastings algorithm

The mention of quantum speedup in your statement implies that this research explores the possibility of leveraging quantum computing to accelerate the Metropolis-Hastings algorithm


Sat Jul 29


Henry Thompson


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Serendipity for VS Code and more, new version is out. Hello everyone! For the interested So I have been working these two last days refactoring Serendipity and adding a couple of new variants. In total Serendipity has 8 versions.

  1. Dark  2. Dark Italics  3. Dark Low Contrast  4. Dark High Contrast  5. Dark Italics High Contrast  6. Light  7. Light Italics  8. Light Low Contrast Updates on: iTerm
  • Dark
  • Dark High Contrast
  • Light Linear App
  • Dark
  • Dark High Contrast
  • Light Slack
  • Dark
  • Dark High Contrast
  • Light Dark mode Light Mode Please feel free to use it, open a pr/issue, and enjoy it. Also some fun facts: Almost 12k install - - - - - - - - I am also on Twitter if you want to drop a tweet. Have a great day /Mike at Wicked Templates